clarify with clear-wash

time to clarify

you've been using all your staples. you've been on top of your routine. you've been masking like crazy. but your hair is just…not it? maybe it feels weighed down right after wash day, or brittle and dry despite the dedication to hydration. maybe it just looks dull (🥲). sound familiar? it might be time to clarify. 

build-up is real, and it's weighing you down. from  product residue, minerals in hard-water or environmental factors like air quality or chlorine, build-up can render your standard routine powerless. think of it this way: if regular shampoo is like a broom, clear-wash clarifying shampoo is like a super charged vacuum. it’s a step up from your standard clean - what you turn to for a full scale reset on your strands. with a stronger breakdown of all the gunk, your hair can properly recharge - like a clean slate for your strands. 


how does clear-wash work?

clarifying shampoos (like clear-wash) contain a higher concentration of cleansing agents compared to your everyday shampoo. it’s designed to thoroughly remove sebum from the hair shaft, along with any remnants of styling products (hair-gel, we see you). clear-wash works overtime to nix product residue, dead skin cell buildup and excess oil—all of which can leave curls limp, dull and oily.


clear-wash is suitable for all hair types, but especially effective if you fit any of these criteria: 

  • you're a mega styler. don't go a day without hair-cream or hair-oil you'd likely benefit from an intermittent clarifying cleanse. 

  • your wash days are infrequent. especially if you're a dry-shampoo fan. make your wash-days count with an extra cleansing shampoo like clear-wash

  • your scalp feels greasy, post wash. your regular shampoo might not be breaking down stubborn build-up that's sticking to your scalp. clear-wash can help draw out the grease and restore a healthy balance. 

  • you shower with hard water. dreaded hard-water contains  minerals that can leave a film on the hair - making it difficult for products to absorb. clear-wash will help cut through the buildup.

  • your hair is low porosity. womp ~ low porosity hair is more prone to buildup because those products that can’t penetrate the hair cuticle just end up sitting on its surface, creating a greasy residue. clear-wash will help cut-through and recharge. 

  • your hair is dry - even though you constantly moisturize. build-up makes treatments less effective. by clarifying, you'll wash away impurities on your barrier and open up strands for maximum absorption.
clear-wash clarifying rosemary shampoo

the clear-wash difference

clarifying shampoos get a rap for being harsh - sometimes braking or tampering with the natural oils on your hair + scalp. clear-wash counters this with a blend of deeply nourishing botanicals (like rosemary, eucalyptus and sage), replenishing your curls after they’re cleared.

removing build-up goes a long way. clear-wash can rebalance an oily-scalp, boost volume and definition, and even soothe irritation caused by product debris or grime (lol). best followed with baby-soft, to hydrate your curls and lock in pliable moisture for your clearest wash-day yet 🫧 save on the duo with our washday capsule, available exclusively on our site.