about bread

we're here for the essentials

BREAD BEAUTY SUPPLY is: here for the essentials. The must-haves. Like BREAD.

We think you make good hair, and we make good hair products. We felt there was a need for a brand that would look and think differently for all of it: the curls, fuzz, frizzy bits, bangs, braids, bantu, other bits. But we don't want haircare to feel forced or chore-like anymore. Haircare should be fun.

So we've created a line of haircare basics - think, products that are easy to use, suitable for all hair types, and buildable for your preferred routine. Formulated for reliability and consistency, BREAD takes out the guess work - so you can spend time doing everything but your hair.

Like fresh treats from *that* one local bakery or restocking your signature brand of soy milk, the 'essentials' can be exciting when you know where to look, and when you find what's right for you.

Our founder, Maeva, spent a lot of time hanging around her Mum’s braiding salon in Perth, Australia, as a tiny and impressionable human. Beauty and hair products punctuated her everyday with smells and sights and textures made for the styling and cultivation of womanhood.

She went on to spend her early career working behind the scenes of global 'big box' beauty brands. But something didn't feel right. She wasn't really acknowledged in mainstream hair conversations, and struggled to find clean hair products that were uncomplicated, practical, and fun.

Yes, BREAD only launched in 2020. Just a hot minute ago, really. But Maeva traces the beginnings of BREAD back to the 90s, on that salon floor. The braiding tutorials, storytelling, familiar faces and close-knit community of women with curly, coiled and textured hair was her Mum’s own version of BREAD.