meet: clear-wash + baby-soft

get clear and stay soft


 after years of formulation, our newest duo is here to elevate your wash days in two seamless steps. designed for every hair type, clear-wash  clarifying shampoo and baby-soft every wash conditioner give your hair much needed reset and a surge of velvety smooth softness. 


think of it as shampoo + conditioner as the first step in your styling routine - a  clean slate for clarified and silky strands, use after use.

 clear-wash is a fragrance-free, clarifying rosemary shampoo that breaks designed to reset your hair. with a gently foaming formula, clear-wash cuts through buildup then reinforces your scalp and strands with botanical extracts, leaving you clarified without the stripping. 

baby-soft is your every day ceramide conditioning hero. a silky-soft, always on watermelon hair conditioner, designed to prime your curls for seamless detangling, mega shine and lasting softness. 


"we dreamt of a shampoo and conditioner that would reset your hair for a new start in your styling routine. something that evoked that straight out of the water, summer feeling - a literal fresh start for your curls."

~ Maeva Heim, BREAD

a clean slate


like a fresh start, bottled. clear-wash is your one product solution to any kind of build-up, from hard-water damage to post protective style treatment. never harsh, clear-wash tows the line - infused with naturally derived rosemary, eucalyptus and sage, it removes impurities without stripping or that squeaky too-clean feeling. 


suitable for every hair-type, but specifically effective for greasy or weighed-down hair in need of a deeper cleanse. think of it like shampoo as a styling tool - the first step in your routine for revitalized curls. 


HOW TO:  clear-wash is best for weekly or monthly clarifying. apply to wet hair starting at the roots, then gently spread the suds over the lengths. rinse with warm water and follow with baby-soft conditioner or our intensive hair-mask treatment.

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the every-wash conditioner

lightweight but deeply nourishing,  baby-soft is your every-wash  product for mega detangling and a surge of velvety softness. less thick than hair-mask (but just as moisture locking) baby-soft was formulated with natural hydrators  (like watermelon hydro-glycerin and yellow algae) to soften hair and provide unbelievable slip on strands for instant breakthrough.


designed with every hair-type in mind, baby-soft is especially effective on knot prone or dense hair, melting away tangles with ease. 


HOW TO:  after cleansing with hair-wash or clear-wash, apply a pump or two of baby-soft to wet hair. apply in sections for hair that is extra thick or dry to ensure completely even application. leave for a few minutes to let the softening magic happen, add a little more water, then gently detangle, ends-first, with a wide-tooth comb or a brush with flexible bristles. work your way to the top, then rinse with warm or cool water to lock in shine.



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BREAD BEAUTY SUPPLY clear-wash clarifying shampoo
BREAD BEAUTY SUPPLY baby-soft detangling conditioner